Script Feedback Services

Haven’t got time to wait months for feedback on your script? I provide a high quality service offering a detailed feedback report on your work – and you’re guaranteed to receive your feedback within one week.

My focus is on delivering practical feedback in a positive manner, and to inspire, encourage and nurture writers in a thoughtful way.

I deliver feedback for both film and theatre companies, and individuals.

I have a Masters’ Degree in Writing for Performance from Goldsmiths College, London, where critical analysis of one’s own work and that of others was a crucial part of my development as a writer and dramaturg. I’ve also taught specially devised creative writing workshops which focus on unlocking creative potential.

I’ve previously been a freelance script reader for Writers’ Avenue, Artists’ Independent Network and Formosa Films, and completed a training course under the supervision of Feature Film Script Editor Kate Leys.

Submitting your script for feedback

Plays of any length, film, TV scripts or prose are considered.

The below prices include a detailed written feedback report, plus suggestions, exercises and advice on potential markets for your work. Feedback is guaranteed within one week.

Please make payment using one of the methods in the ‘Making Payment’ section below, and email your script to I will acknowledge your script within 24 hours, and confirm when you can expect to receive your feedback. I look forward to reading your work!


Plays under 20 pages – £36 / US $48

Plays 21 – 40 pages – £60 / US $78

Plays 41 – 60 pages – £85 / US $109

Plays over 60 pages – £105 / US $134

Plays over 100 pages – £130 / US $165

Prose / Non Fiction

Short fiction of up to 6,000 words – £55 / US $71 (rate negotiable if prose is substantially less than 6,000 words) – includes written report.

For drafts of novels, my reading fee is £1 per page, plus £140 for a detailed written report. So, if your novel is 360 pages long, the fee would be £360 + £140 = £500.  Please contact me at for further details.

For non-fiction please contact me directly at

Film and TV scripts

£105 / US $134 for full-length film script, or per episode of teleplay. Includes a detailed written report, with a guaranteed turn around of one week.

Short films under 25 pages £36 / $48.

Making payment

If you wish to pay using Paypal, please choose the relevant option from the list and click the Add to Cart button below. Payment is also accepted by bank transfer (for UK customers only). If you would like to pay via bank transfer, please email me at for details. Let me know if you are a customer outside the UK who can’t see an option to purchase in your currency: email me at